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With the latest Intel Core processors, MacBook Pro reaches new heights in compute performance. The 15‑inch model now features a ninth-generation 8- core.
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Macs lack touch capability on their main screens, so this is your only opportunity to interact with macOS using touch. For more about it, see our review of the inch MacBook Pro linked above. On either side of the keyboard, large speaker grilles extend from the top of the Touch Bar to the bottom of the keyboard; they take up the entire margin between the keyboard and the edges of the chassis. I can't help but bemoan that potential for a numpad; the lack of dedicated number keys will disappoint spreadsheet jockeys who are accustomed to their presence on many other inch laptops.

But the robust, voluminous audio output is a fair compromise. The MacBook Pro's speakers are among the best I've tested on a laptop of its screen size of late.

Keeping the keyboard small means plenty of room for another of the MacBook Pro's best features, though: its giant Force Touch trackpad. With accurate cursor movement right out of the box, a massive 7. It uses haptic feedback to simulate clicks instead of a physical depress-to-click mechanism, which means you get a uniform clicking sensation no matter where your finger meets the surface.

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You can adjust the click sensitivity through Light, Medium, and Firm presets , something you won't find on laptops with physical pad switches. Another standout feature is the This panel, which I've seen in previous MacBook Pros, is based on in-plane switching IPS technology to widen viewing angles, and it features a very bright nit backlight.

Its 2,by-1,pixel resolution isn't quite 4K, but the colors are as vivid, and the text as sharp, as on any 4K display I've seen in a late-model laptop. Part of this is thanks to support for the P3 color gamut. Also in play is Apple's automatic True Tone white-balance adjustment. The latter makes the screen's colors appear warmer or cooler depending on the light source in the room.

MacBook Pro

While the borders around many laptop screens have shrunk over the past few years, the MacBook Pro's have not. They're still thin enough to keep from looking antiquated, but at half an inch thick, the top border is especially prominent. It's curious that Apple hasn't taken advantage of this space to add sensors for face recognition, the way it has on its mobile devices.


The MacBook Pro's camera is a simple p affair that's fine for FaceTime calls, but it captures grainy images in low light. Many Windows laptops can use face recognition to sign users into their accounts, and it's something that I hope Apple adds to its laptops and iMacs soon. The MacBook Pro offers a 3.

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The USBs are arrayed two on each side of the chassis. If you have a hub or an external drive that supports these speeds, you've got plenty of places to plug it in. Many premium laptops have one or two Thunderbolt 3 ports, but no other mainstream consumer machine has four. The wireless connectivity comprises the usual Curiously missing is support for the See our primer What Is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is nascent at this point, with just a few routers and other devices supporting it, but it is the future of Wi-Fi. Its absence on the MacBook Pro, while understandable in light of other cutting-edge machines on the market, is a consideration if you're planning on using your new laptop for the next four to five years. Our top-of-the line review unit packs in all of the available peak hardware options that Apple offers. That includes the more powerful of the two Core i9 CPU options you can get. The less powerful one has a slightly lower clock speed.

Our review unit also features the maximum memory loadout, 32GB. That's more than enough for basic computing tasks, especially considering that the Radeon Pro series GPUs were the top of the line on last year's model, so if you're interested in the inch MacBook Pro solely for the size of its screen, you may not need to configure any upgrades.

If you need raw power and all the internal storage possible, though, the top-end configuration will not disappoint. That's higher than last year's Core i9 config by a healthy margin of 22 percent. It's also significantly higher than the scores of all of the MacBook Pro's direct competitors that we've tested recently, including a host of workstation-grade laptops from the big three in that space: the Dell Precision , the larger HP ZBook 17 G5 , and the Lenovo ThinkPad P Here's a look at the comparison configurations from the machines facing off against the MacBook Pro in our tests The Cinebench all-cores test is just a simulation, which times how long it takes a system to render a complex 3D image without the help of graphics acceleration from the GPU.

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But, because it scales up well with more cores, more threads, and higher sustained clocks, this basic test remains an excellent predictor of performance in CPU-limited situations. If you're running an app that leverages all the CPU cores and threads it can get its hands on—say, a late-model video editor or a photo-editing program—and you're amenable to macOS, the MacBook Pro is the laptop for the job.

The workflow of many media professionals and scientists involves more than just the CPU, however. Another critical part of a laptop's performance is the storage subsystem. These speeds are below those of the best SSDs we've tested, which top out at around 3,MBps, but they're still plenty fast enough to suggest that the storage drive will never be a performance bottleneck.

Putting everything together, our Adobe Photoshop CC benchmark takes into account storage speed, CPU and GPU power, and memory, for a comprehensive look at a system's ability to handle complex workflows. The Photoshop test times how long it takes to finish applying a series of 10 filters and other effects to a JPEG image. To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.

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